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Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual  Health Support Therapist.

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About Me

 I am a Heart Centred Facilitator who incorporates the power and importance of the heart frequencies in ones life. I use my naturally gifted abilities as a Medical Medium, Visionary, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Mystic and Channel. I express my understanding of Energy Psychology and dynamics in a pragmatic and relatable manner that assists in bridging new levels of awareness and understanding.  .

  • 12 Chakra System Energy Therapist.

  • Traditional and Holistic Counselling and Coaching

  • H.S.P. Counsellor (Highly Sensitive Persons) who make up 15 % to 20% of the world population.

  • Therapist & Mental Health Support Counsellor

  • Advanced Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy

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How I Work

I use a Quantum Consciousness Framework in my counselling  that allows me to connect with all the energy bodies that make up what we call the psyche. This information stored within the psyche and within your field enables me to vibrationally read your immediate emotional self and what ego states are driving certain areas of your life.


I use a heart centred  approach coupled with a direct approach when it comes to addressing things that needs to be said rather than what is wanted to be heard. This enables me to connect to the heart of the matter to create transformational shifts in short periods of time. There way I work is that there are Therapy applied Services which are Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine Therapy and then there are Interpersonal Connection Services which are Dynamic Mentoring or Counselling, Coaching and Guidance sessions....

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The Path Clearer

For You

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My Specialisations

These are areas I specialise in, although not limited to. Please read more About Me and How I Work to discover what other areas I may assist you further in if they are not mentioned. I also invite you to book your free 15 minute discovery phone call to find out how we can work together.

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Have you experienced a relationship ending? Are you feeling like you are unable to move on?

Or are you in a relationship that perhaps isn't feeling in alignment anymore and you aren't sure why?

Do you want a relationship but aren't sure what is getting in the way of it happening for you?

Are there issues in your personal dynamics regarding career, family, friends that are impacting you?

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of Self

Sometimes you don't know what is wrong but something just feels off. It could be emotional or spiritual, or it could be everything all at once. Are there areas of your life that you want to change but don't know where to start? 

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Are addictions in control of your life? Are they causing problems to your health and even though you've tried to stop and know you should you seem to end up back where you were?

Are you experiencing health issues or body pain? Are you having psychosomatic body ailments with not knowing why?

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Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Shame, Guilt,  can take a hold of our state of awareness and our emotional health. Often we can be completely unaware of the impact in our everyday life. What other negative emotions could be affecting how you feel about yourself and your life right now?

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The Inner Child Recovery Program

The Inner Child Recovery Program is a 6 session program designed to take you on a journey deep within to recover the fragmented self on a multidimensional level, therefore stabilising one's personality, and becoming more in tune with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, balancing the masculine and feminine energies so as to bringing about a union of self with the adult and child within. The most significant relationship we often neglect and forget is the one with our “self.” The inner child makes up a part of the psyche that influences relationships, manifestation, abundance, health, behaviour, money and many other areas of life, even our profession and inner development.  Book your free 15 minute phone call to learn more.

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Where To Start

All Initial Therapy Sessions are 2 hours in duration. All Second Therapy Sessions are also 2 hours in duration. Thereafter they become 1 hour and 15 minutes. All Counselling, Guidance and Coaching Sessions are 1 hour.  An Initial Dynamic Mentoring session is 2 hours. All sessions are paid upfront upon booking. I also invite you to book your free 15 minute discovery phone call to find out how we can work together.


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If you need ongoing support in understanding the dynamics within your relationships or career. Learn what you are communicating in your field to others beyond words.

This is very powerful modality that can be helpful in many broad areas of therapy, from emotional, behavioural, physical and spiritual.


A unique healing process that works with the meridian system in the etheric body and assists in the development of wellness and wellbeing and the 12 chakra system.

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If you are looking to talk things through and don't require therapy, this incorporates a transpersonal framework.

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What Clients Say

Aliki is a very skilled practitioner who is passionate about helping people and will seek out the  most suitable way to get  the best outcome for you. She is able to cut through all the smoke and mirrors to what you think is happening and get to the real issue of what is going on then work with you to fix it.

Mary, Business Owner

"No-one transforms on their own. Transformation requires a combination of internal and external influence. It is as simple as that. We require others in order to change to provide a witness, accountability, encouragement, challenges, confrontation and support."


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