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Hypnosis can only be facilitated with a person who has a desire to focus their attention; therefore it is really yourself that is allowing this state to occur. Once the state is achieved it is enhanced through applying therapeutic techniques and suggestions.

Benefits of these sessions.

Consciousness Expansion

Often the process can only be understood once experienced. The result is a shift in one’s own inner perceptions, thoughts and behaviours, which then impacts one’s own sphere of energy and reality. ​​An experience, thought, communication or behaviour often has a mental, emotional and physical energetic anchor associated with its coding. This information can either be pain or pleasure related. By dissembling the energetic charge and interrupting the neuro flow pattern, it alters the processing around the experience.

Working through the brain states.

Superconscious Activation.

Beta is the state of consciousness the one that you use to read through the information provided right now with a conscious alertness that's used for concentration, problem solving and task orientation.

By closing your eyes and breathing deeply, you can enter Alpha state, as this automatically shuts down the visual sensory information. By doing so, slows the brain waves into daydreaming state where creative thought and relaxation can be experienced, whilst bridging the transition into Theta state.

Theta is the phase that is entered into before dreaming and is where “detached awareness” occurs. This is where inner therapy begins, in between the Alpha and Theta states.

 Theta waves are associated with inspiration, illumination and immense creative power and have been known to activate profoundly spiritual yet very aware states of being therefore, allowing one to be brought back to full beta state (everyday waking state) consciousness easily.

The Reticular Activaing System (R.A.S)

Re-patterning & Reforming

The R.A.S. is a cluster of nerves that reside at the base of the brain and regulates breathing and rhythms of the body, whilst also filtering messages that run to and from the conscious brain.

As mentioned earlier, when the eyes are closed, this creates a reduction in stimuli to the R.A.S., therefore, lowering brain wave activity. The R.A.S. is also involved with habit formation, which can be re-trained by applying specific inner therapy tools to play a role in attracting towards ourselves new behaviours, habits, goals, or achievements. Much like when we decide on a vehicle of a particular colour and model to purchase, we will begin to see that exact vehicle everywhere.

If you have tried Hypnotherapy with someone else before and it didn’t work or you were told you weren’t able to be put into Hypnosis,  I assure you, I have seen a number of clients who have had both of these situations occur, and then whilst experiencing a session with me, have had a deeply profound and effective experience.
It is vitally important that you connect with the therapist you have chosen, as transformation is a co-creation.

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