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Addiction Drive

It's never too late

4 x 2 Hour Sessions


It's never too late

Whatever type of addiction it is that you are dealing with, it can be a challenge to step away permanently to free yourself from it. You may have set many goals and intentions to stop, yet somehow you and 'It' find your way back to each other again.

​What you are up against

What you are conscious of is that logically you know and have all the reasons why you should stop, however, there is the unconscious, deeper you that has its hidden reason as to ‘why’ you are making the choices you make around the addiction behaviour. Much of this has to do with hidden autonomic nervous system programming and/or core emotional drivers. This creates and internal conflict between wanting to stop yet not knowing how to.

​The Process

There is an online form to complete in order for me to profile the energies around you. The sessions always begin with Counselling, Coaching and Guidance so as to determine what you want from the sessions and begin creating a new pathway for your progress. The counselling also transitions you into being ready for the Therapy. The therapy is related to what is required for you to release and let go of the addiction. At times, the addiction is not the reason a person is having the sessions, and there is something in the way that needs to be addressed before addressing the actual addiction head on.

How many sessions? 

There are 4 x 2 Hour Sessions required. ​

​Session Intervals:

2 Weeks apart.


What should I do after the session?

It can be a lot to absorb, so best to allow yourself some processing and integration time afterwards by not having too much on.

​When is the best time to start the process?

This will take making some room in your schedule where you aren't distracted by holidays or big events that are going to derail your focus, commitment and progress to the results you desire. The change you require may be followed by big changes in lifestyle choices. Make the moment count when you face this with all the energy it requires to make the shift and pull it towards you.

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