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Grief & Loss Counselling

Initial 1 Hour Session

Opening the heart.

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Theres room for you to feel

When grief takes over through losing someone who is beloved to us, it can seem as though the world revolves around ourselves too fast, hasting us along with the unimportant things, and not feeling as though there is room to just be, reflect, remember or even talk about the loss, or the person, who they were to us. An invisible bubble can start to form, due to not feeling like anyone can allow the space of grief to be as it needs to.

​People that care have good intentions

Grief is a hard thing for most people to be around. Even those whom are the most closest, will find it hard to "be" with it for long periods of time. Those who have well intentions, often feel as though they are helping when they let people know to contact them if they need anything, however, when the agony of grief is present, it can be isolating, and asking for help is not always present. All that is needed at times is some company and someone to sit and be, not always distract from the pain itself. These counselling sessions allow for the grief to be spoken of and to also open up new ways of feeling into the expereince. This session can be used on its own or for more deeper work, a 'Grief Recovery' Session is suggested, which includes special therapy designed to bring you feeling more at peace and connected with your departed.

​Preparing for your session

There is an online Intake form for you to fill in so that I am able to profile the energies and prepare for our session. This is a Counselling session, however, there are times where Coaching and Guidance will be shared.

How many sessions? 

There are 3 sessions. Each session is 2 hours in duration

​​How often are the sessions?

This depends on how heavily into the grief phase one is. The session intervals are either weekly or fortnightly.

What should I do after the session?

After care is an important part of the process. You have already taken all the steps to have the session, now it’s about making the room in your lifestyle. You may be asked to journal and write what comes up in between sessions to discuss.


What to prepare for

This will take making some room in your schedule.

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