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Soul Connections

Initial 1 Hour Session

Twinflame & Soulmate connections.

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A deeper thread than we thought was possible

This is to provide a safe space to share and discuss unusual feelings or soul connections and why we connect deeper in these experiences than with others who are family memebers or close relationships in our lives.

The Process

It begins with me making a connection with your heart centre and higher self, it allows for information to be downloaded. This session allows for full expression of your “self” from all levels that incorporate the human level of existence, which are the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy bodies. You will experience a heart expansion during the sessions and an organisation of the disorganised energies within the human energy field results in a more harmonious flow of communication between the energy bodies so as to assist in the manifestation or the catalyst of change required for an individual’s path and soul journey.The information that will come though will be that which is most relevant and needed for you to hear at that point in time, not what you want or expect to hear.

How many sessions

This would be a 1 off session, depending on each case.

What you need to know or prepare for

Book your free 15 minute phone call to go through details.

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