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Emotional Release Session


2 x 2 Hour Sessions

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When you feel like you are carrying a load that has become too heavy..

Emotional Backage can compound over time. By removing the load from the emotional body that has been stored in various amounts and degress all together and clearing the space for change and manifestation, it can assist in releasing anger, which is a common emotion that many do not associate with or even recognise that they are storing. As an additional option, The Inner Child Program, is also designed to delve deeper into the chidlhood wounding that has affected our emotional self.

How many sessions?

This is a 2 session packacgewith each session being 2 Hours in duration.​ The first session is Hypnotherapy. The second session is an option of Hypnotherapy or Energy Medicine, depending on what is required.

How often are the sessions?

All sessions are 2 weeks apart to allow for processing 

What should I do after the session?

Allow time to be still so that the information can drop in. Take some time of reflection for yourself.

How to prepare

Before these sessions, it is best to start limiting alcohol consumption up to 1 week prior to your Initial session and 1 week after each session. This is to ensure that the body can do what is required without additional  influences.  

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