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Evolve Yourself Counselling

Guidance and direction of your heart

1 x 1 Hour Session

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Something feels off but you don't know how to explain

There are somethings that just cannot be expressed in everyday conversations. They require room to drop into our feelings, to unpack, release and remove the constraints that we unconsciously bound ourselves with.

Perhaps there are obstacles in your path or perhaps you are unsure of the path that you are on?

Perhaps you have had a deeply spiritually moving experience that has been difficult to share with someone who can truly relate and meet you on the level it requires for you to process it?


What is the recommended session?

This can be an option of either a Counselling, Coaching and Guidance Session only, or there may be some Hypnotherapy or Energy Therapy used for emotional clearing that is required.

This option selected is the Counselling only option which is a one off session that lasts for 1hour.

It is suggested that a second counselling follow up session is also booked to allow for futher discussion and future direction or to close the discussion.

Is ongoing Counselling possible?

Yes absolutely. You are able to have weekly or fortnightly sessions, depending on what is required by each individual.

How to prepare

Start making some room ahead of time for you to begin making changes and time to reflect on what comes up during the sessions.

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