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Release and Evolve Therapy

Activation and Elevation

2 x 2 Hour Sessions

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Something feels off but you don't know how to explain

There are somethings that just cannot be expressed in everyday conversations. They require room to drop into our feelings, to unpack, release and remove the constraints that we unconsciously bound ourselves with.

Perhaps there are obstacles in your path or perhaps you are unsure of the path that you are on?

Perhaps you have had a deeply spiritually moving experience that has been difficult to share with someone who can truly relate and meet you on the level it requires for you to process it?

This can be an option of either a Counselling, Coaching and Guidance Session only, or there may be some Hypnotherapy or Energy Therapy used for emotional clearing that is required. To compliment the emotional clearing, these sessions, are also spiritual in nature, where you are able to access higher dimensional consciousness, connecting with your higher self and your multidimensional self. Additional channelled information from myself may come through.

What is the recommended session amount

This is a 2 session packacge, but recommended to do an additional follow up session as a 3rd. It depends on what the session direction reveals in itself.

The first 2 sessions are 2 Hours each. Follow up sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes each. 

How often are the sessions?

All sessions are 2 weeks apart to allow for processing 

What should I do after the session?

Allow time to be still so that the information can drop in. Take some time of reflection for yourself.

How to prepare

Before these sessions, it is best to start limiting alcohol consumption up to 1 week prior to your Initial session and 1 week after each session. This is to ensure that the body can do what is required without additional  influences.  

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