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I have asked Aliki to help me finding my way forward as I had a sense of direction lost. I wasn't depressed or in any kind of trouble, just didn't know where to focus my energy to use my talents and make sense of my life.

This kind of situations are usually more convoluted as it looks on the surface. Aliki was really helpful to identify and unscramble blockades I was carrying forward from my earlier life situations, including relationships, and helped me gently resuming my power and authority over my life.

She was using Hypnotherapy and Meridian Energetics healing approach simultaneously which produces amazing results. In my perception, there was surface and very deep healing going on at the same time, resulting in an instantly different feeling about myself but also in a gentle shift of my life direction.  I was able to decide my further steps with confidence and starting to regain my long lost passion for life, Which is such a great present!  

Thank you, Aliki, I will surely ask you for your help if I ever feel stuck again. Good luck with your healing practice, you a definitely helping a lot of people.

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