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I can't thank and recommend Aliki enough to absolutely anyone and everyone. I satarted seeing Aliki at the beginning of February, since then my whole way of being and my emotional reactions have completely grown and changed. I was struggling alot with a multitude of things causing cripling anxiety. It was from Anxiety that I had issues with my bowel and nails. After just two sessions of Hypnotherapy and Energy re-aligning, words cannot even express the difference I feel. I'm so much happier and freer within my body. After my last Energy Session, I now have absolutely no bowel problems and my nails are growing!!

Aliki means so much to me because not only has she helped me through a really dark time, but can truly say that I have a special friend through my connection with her. I was not very open minded to this type of thing, but since my first session, my views surrounding this healing have completely switched and I can't recommend her enough!

Aliki, I am forever grateful. Ally

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