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Writing this I can feel the emotions, my heart swelling with absolute gratitude from the deepest parts of it that I once only dreamed of reaching. It is quite literally as though I have woken from a dream, where I was living what I thought was just part of life, going through the motions and basically wanting it to end, or change, I guess change doesn't sound so dramatic in this sense.

I was at a point where I knew that not living the life I was destined to live was like slowly dying a painful death in this life that was made up for me, by the old me to keep myself safe and accepted. No more. I wanted this dream to end. It was that I needed to change for it to end. So I did the work and I changed. It finally ended and I woke up. Really woke up. 

I found Aliki after trying many other helpful people in the field of spiritual healing.   Aliki had something the others didn't have, absolute 100% love and dedication to my healing, encased in warm caring energy. Aliki made me feel like I could rely on her, I had not felt this before. She was so strong for me when I really needed her to be, pushed me through my own scary limitations I'd put on myself that was keeping me from living the life I wanted. This was amazing and I found that her holding the space, encased in her energy of true love and care, allowed me to open up deeper and help me to heal. What a gift.

No matter where the session would go or what was going to happen deep in my subconscious, she helped me through and stayed with me the whole way. Helping me face my demons even when I found it extremely hard, she pushed through with me and was my shining light helping me in my darkness. I honestly could not have done this on my own. Aliki knew how to help me, with real effects that I was continuing to see in my daily life weeks and even days after. With no side effects! And if something came up, I would notice it this time and be able to bring it next session. I am now living a much happier life with out ANY need to go back to my old ways, the "comfort" of the known.

I am now ready and EXCITED about the future as I know, REALLY KNOW that I can handle anything and that I am the sole creator of my own experiences. What freedom right there!!! :) With the work I've done with Aliki, I only create forwards bigger, brighter and expansive possibilities and it just keeps get better. I never actually thought that it could be this easy. But with the right type of person by your side, absolute miracles can occur. Especially when they hold the utmost respect and love for you as a spiritual being in this human life needing a helping hand to rise above the stories we tell ourselves and the lies we are living.

It doesn't have to be this way. It can get better and you can live the life you truly desire. All you have to do is WAKE UP and make the change...... I truly believe there are people out there that are actually our guardian angels, and are here to help us on a much deeper level than we ourselves know.

Aliki is by far one of those angels. Aliki, may you feel deep in your heart my gratitude towards you, as this is where you are forever in mine.

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