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Dianne K.


When Aliki spoke to me about hypnotherapy helping me to stop smoking I was initially sceptical, but agreed to give it ago as I was willing to try anything. You see, I was a seasoned smoker for 35 years.

I had previously stopped for 12 month periods three times but always took it back up again. I have two young granddaughters (3yrs & 9mths) and I want to be there to watch them grow up and keep up with them.

I went to my first session not really knowing what to expect, I took my packet of cigarettes with me and was very nervous. At the end of the session I threw my cigarettes in the bin and haven't smoked since, that was two months ago.

Aliki has been fabulous and very supportive, she has also guided me through emotional eating as I replaced my cigarettes with food. I now don't crave cigarettes or junk food and I am now trying to get healthy.

Thanks Aliki.

Dianne K.
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