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Child Carer

I was feeling sick and in a great deal of pain for about 6 months. I went to many doctor appointments, did all sorts of exams and no one seemed to be able to figure out what I had. That was when Aliki heard my story through a mutual friend and kindly offered herself to help me. I must confess I was not a believer of her abilities and just told myself it wouldn't hurt to try.

During our session I was holding back most of the time and didn't let myself be fully trusting and present in the experience. At the end of it, she said she didn't get the answers she expected from me. She seemed very certain of what she was saying that I didn't provide her this information but she felt I had a problem in a specific organ. After that I thought to myself that was so weird as I had never experienced any problems in that area. So I just forgot about it. Two months after that I went back home for holidays and decided to go see my doctor. After a long chat and a couple of exams the answer of the mystery was finally uncovered... I felt goose bumps when I read the results... Aliki had called it two months before by only now I could believe it because it was being said by a traditional doctor.

  It was such a powerful experience and I'm very grateful to Aliki both for her amazing talent and also for helping me widen my mind and beliefs.

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