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I’ve been working with Aliki for nearly a year and half now. I’ve wanted to offer a testimonial of my experience, it’s something I’ve tried to think about for a while… how I would write it, what I would include, how to translate the magic so that it’s understandable. When I first chose to seek help, I felt a deep knowing that there was something more waiting for me. I was tired and fed up with recurring feelings of anxiety, depression and helplessness, I felt so close and yet so far from release and freedom.

Practically speaking, it was time to say goodbye to my 4 year long marriage, a truth I was longing to set free, yet felt terrified to admit. With Aliki’s guidance and very special set of skills, encompassing hypnotherapy, energetic healings and counselling, I was able to transition through this time and melt away all that which was holding me back. On the surface there was the initiation of the separation, yet below the surface was a world of programming, ailments, beliefs, trauma and paradigms that needed to be addressed. The many layers that Aliki unravelled and dismantled would not have been possible had I gone down the route of conventional counselling. A route I had been down before to address similar feelings.

Working with Aliki has been exactly what my soul has been yearning for, and has allowed me to reconnect with myself in a brand new way. In a way that I felt was possible yet couldn’t access. I now have a deeper connection with my spirit and my inner guidance system. I feel more attuned and clear as to where I’d like to direct my energy, and what my purpose is, on a grander scale.

Aliki really is The Path Clearer.

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