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Business Owner

We know what we know. We know what we don't know. But what about the unknown, the depths we cannot fathom in our consciousness that cause us to react irrationally, to avoid, to fear, to block or drive us to poor decisions?

I had long had a feeling that there was some intangible 'glass cage', some fear that was blocking my path. I couldn't see or know what it was. It was just something stopping me from venturing out to fulfil my dreams. Aliki instantly connected with those 'deep unknowns'. Through Skype (distance is no barrier) her keen perception of layers of soul energy and consciousness became a shared journey of revelation and healing.

When matters became deep, personal and painful (and even scary) Aliki supported, nurtured and led me through the halls of my life journey. She was also not afraid to challenge my perceptions to lead me to a deeper understanding of who I was, of my essence. In that, there was freedom. I am the critical analytical type. It was with fascination as that part of me watched Aliki at work. She is truly amazingly perceptive of energy fields, -of the past and present, of the depths and layers.

Together we have worked on the healing, the clearing of the path. I can't say I am there yet, but this life journey is now lighter, more joyful and spontaneous- and I have found my adventurous spirit again.

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