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Hi Aliki, I wanted to update you and thank you for your incredible help and support. I had had breast cancer treatment in 2020 and have just had another check up (December 22).

We did some work on the energetic (spirit?) level and you helped remove a barb from my left breast.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know - all clear on the breast cancer checks (Yay!)

The other big thing was the family court stuff. After a wait of over 6 months, the Judge handed down her Orders. They were overwhelmingly in my favour - I now have 80% custody (used to be about 65%), and I have sole parental responsibility. It's such a relief! I think it will really make my daughter's life much easier.

I so appreciate your mix of modalities, from straight up counselling to hypnosis to energy work. I feel so lucky to have found a therapist who can work across the different places of stuck-ness and help release the blockages. Ii has made a huge difference in my world.

With thanks and love.

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