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Practitioner / Professional

Aliki saved my life. After living in an emotionally abusive marriage for so long I didn’t believe there was a way out, a way to my own happiness until I met Aliki. What she did for me was to create a miracle in my heart.

She sat with me with the most empathy and kindness I have ever known in a person, in the deepest, darkest places within my soul until I could release all that was holding me back from walking my life path with joy and freedom.

She held the light of hope and faith and trust until my life was completely transformed. She is extremely skilled in her work as a Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Counsellor.

I will always be grateful to Aliki for giving me my life, health, and my heart back.

If you need a miracle to occur in your life, Aliki is the one to see.

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