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Kether Saturnius


Over the last 15 years, my healing journey has brought me in contact with many different kinds and skill levels of shamans, energy healers, intuitives, therapists, and psychologists. While they each had their own gifts that have blessed my journey, there are few of them that provided me the kind of immediate clarity and transformation that I experienced working with Aliki.

Aliki's diverse range of experience and training gives her a uniquely powerful ability to zero in on the source of issues, whether they are in the mind, body, or other aspect of Self. Her hypnotherapy and energy healing abilities allows her to quickly and efficiently shift the problematic energies towards healing and reintegration.

The best part is that Aliki is one of those rare healers that is willing to have the difficult, compassionate conversations with you to help you identify your blind spots so that you can confront the real issue at hand. - Kether Saturnius

Kether Saturnius
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