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I started sessions with Aliki in December 2018. The modalities used included Meridian Energetics, Hypnotherapy and psychic surgery. My initial impression of Aliki was her gentle and serene presence, her complete lack of judgement and her empathy.

At the same time she also has a no bull-shit attitude and will call you on your shit but only when you are energetically ready to hear it.

I immediately felt comfortable enough with her to reveal my deepest darkest shadow self. All my sessions were done via Skype but that did not seem to detract from her ability to ‘pick’ up my energy with extreme accuracy.  

The meridian energetic healing she ‘hit’ me with sent shock waves from the tips of my shoulders down both sides of my body. Woah!! I couldn’t believe it, this was on Skype!! She performed psychic surgery on me and I could actually ‘feel’ her working inside my body.

She picked up the partial mastectomy surgery I had on my left breast and cleared it. That night I had a dream that a huge fly had been surgically removed from my left breast. She picked up and cleared trauma in my pelvic area, caused by the traumatic birth of my first child.

She picked up a self harm scar on my left wrist and cleared it. Previous to working with Aliki I had some past life work done, I ‘saw’ myself murdered by my husband from a previous incarnation by an axe through the chest. She picked that up and cleared the energy from that trauma that was stuck in my Etheric body.

Through the hypnotherapy sessions we worked on some major grief issues that I had in separating from a soul connection and also some addiction issues. In conclusion I feel Aliki has played an integral part in my healing and spiritual journey and I highly recommend her services.

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