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I have had the pleasure of working alongside Aliki over the past 2 months as she has been trying to assist me in this journey we call life. It has opened up my eyes to the possibilities that I never knew existed and it is all to do with energetic medicine.

You are all probably thinking, " What the hell is that?" well let me tell you I was the same. It has taken about 4 visits to actually understand the process. Aliki is very unique, she is very different and she works on the energy that my body emits.

She has opened up a whole new world for me with the way she uses her healing powers. At first I thought what the heck have I got myself in for. But it is all in alignment for me. I am now understanding a lot more about it and I would suggest that you allow her to work her magic on you and for you to see the difference.

Everything is explained to you on arrival, she also counsels you, empathises and has a real sense of who you are as her senses are heightened. If you have any health concerns that you want assistance with, take a chance on her and see what she can do for you. I just ask you visit her with an open mind to learning a new way of healing your body.

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