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Aliki was recommended to my daughter and I through her own work colleague. Her words were, "She doesn't need me, she needs Aliki!" 

We had been struggling with our daughter's anxiety for years. Getting to school had become an issue and our daughter had tried many paid and unpaid avenues to help her anxiety. To be honest I was willing to try anyone and anything.

When I came into the room after my daughter's first session with Aliki, I cried! My daughter's whole face looked relieved and I just knew we'd found the help we needed. Aliki works in a way like no other. She is gentle and caring, tough and strong and so many things beyond. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Our daughter attends school and still checks in with Aliki whenever she feels she needs to.

I'm now seeing Aliki myself! (Daughter's testimonial beside.)

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