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Business Owner

Hypnotherapy was something I had never experienced before and was a little scared and curious.  I feel Aliki offers awareness, presence and understanding in her sessions from the start, which created trust for me to go to depth in an environment that felt safe and secure.

 I was able to relax and let go as the guided me through the session. I have seen other people before for different types of therapy and found the results of just one session of Hypnotherapy to be profound and almost instantaneous.

The Hypnotherapy was not a strain and I did not need to try hard or work anything out, or figure anything out.  it is a relaxing session that has allowed me to access a depth and create an awareness for myself to some of the issues that were likely the cause of what was holding me back in what I was wanting to do in my life. Days and weeks after the first session, I have continuously noticed incremental changes in myself, through my diet, lifestyle, career and relationships and have also felt an overall greater love and appreciation of myself, life and who I am being.

 The results of one session left me inspired to see her again and again to continue to work on and develop myself.  It has given me a new access to understanding and creating further awareness of myself to live an empowered life.

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