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Nicholas S.

Student / Artist

My journey with Aliki started at a very crucial junction in my life. I had always been a seeker, looking to understand and improve myself and keep “waking up”. As a result I have done countless courses and many books as well as explored different modalities to help self-actualise and overcome all my crippling self doubt, severe lack of self esteem and insecurities. 

I was quite lost in my career path as a result, after awakening to all the things I was doing wrong in my life, and dismantling old belief systems - I was almost suicidal, with a previous counsellor deeming me beyond help and “really f*cked up.” I was certainly blocked and completely not in tune with my intuition and lacked conviction - scared of making definitive choices.

My career was very muddled, I have always been creative and having spent the last several years in the performing arts I had no direction and was full of fear and trepidation with what to do next and plunging into doing what I actually REALLY wanting to do - to be an artist, specifically a painter.  Overtime, with her firm and guiding hand we built up my confidence again, and trust (severely shattered with my previous counsellor), worked on healing past unresolved childhood traumas, which developed patterns of ways of being, well into adulthood, and were the causes of my anxiety and depression. 

It’s hard to say which one particular modality that we worked on was the key “healing” point, but luckily she’s well trained in hypnosis (she certainly fixed my manic addiction to sugar), overall counselling and energetic healing that each session utilised a combination of two or all of these. A framework of safety and overall well-being and care of the client post session, was paramount in her practice. 

Working with Aliki was the key shifting point in which I had spent several years directionless in regards to even looking at a potential visual arts career, (only dabbling in my sketchbook and small pieces, not showing the world my work.) to the year I brazenly, (after the fourth session with her) - took the leap and announced publicly my intention of having my first solo art show, then booked a gallery space, locking down an art teacher to teach me the techniques of oil painting), organising my own press and marketing to finally putting together a 12 piece show of large scale art paintings, selling nearly half.  I was hooked - it became clear as day the flow in it all (still wasn’t easy - by any means!) but together we had built a framework of how to organize my life and just simplify.

With “spiritual” work, one can get caught up in the pondering's and navel gazing but at the end of the day you need to shift past that, end that running story loop that keeps stopping you and just tackle the basic nuts and bolts of Real world responsibility!  Aliki helped me with a program of clearing what was essentially not important or low priority in regards to energetic expenditure and to really focus with 100 percent clarity on what was really important.

Things weren’t easy of course and time and again I was given a kick up the butt, and fights were had and tears were shed but ultimately it was about letting go of the self sabotaging old programming and stepping into my new purposeful self.  Fast forward another 12 months and I have since completed my second solo art show (basically using the same template and approach in how I conducted my first), was asked to participate in a prestigious Interior Design Project, and I’m currently now working on a few private commissions. 

I'd say it’s been over six months since my fortnightly coaching/counselling sessions with Aliki, but her grounding work has got me to a place where I am now 100% confident with my choices and my intuition is much sharper.

The trouble with other guru’s/teachers/coaches is the dependence/or need of affirmation from them that can sometimes develop and inevitably, become very toxic. Aliki leaves you strong on your feet and completely Independent, with the knowledge that at the end of the day YOU are your own teacher. But it takes a tonne of work to get to this place and that’s where Aliki comes in.

Aliki is not for the faint of heart. She is tough and won’t shy from delivering the hard truth that one needs to face. But supporting all that, is empathy and genuine concern for your well-being. She will hold your hand till the point that you’re ready to do it on your own if you let her. If you are at that next stage in your life or career and need that extra firm nudge, then a coach in Aliki could be very beneficial. Or if you are just wanting general energetic work, hypnotherapy or counselling then I still highly recommend her.

My rapid accomplishments in the past 24 months, my current way of being and how I see the world - I credit a lot, to her work with me. 

Nicholas S.
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