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A friend gifted me a session with Aliki after seeing that I was unable to reach out to anyone who understood what I was going through at the time.  I had been battling within myself for years and had been suppressing feelings of grief, anxiety, depression, anger, resent, betrayal, purposelessness, feeling lost, lonely, lack of motivation, inability to focus, negative self dialogue, unworthiness of love and relationships and false body image - all of which led me to outlets of escaping rather than facing these feelings and this ultimately manifested into my external world spiralling out of control and my inner world causing me chronic health issues. 

  Working with Aliki, I was privileged to witness and feel some of Aliki's incredible gifts and abilities through hypnotherapy, holistic counselling and energy healing. Through the use of these modalities Aliki has shed light on to all the darkness I was internalising for years, empower me to create the life that I want and step into the man I have always wanted to be.

 The long journey out of my head and into my heart was arduous - but one that was met with compassion, empathy, support and the most belief that I could make it through anything life threw at me by Aliki.   Aliki's phenomenal ability to create and hold a safe space for me to dig up deep seeded, stagnant, unmoved and unwanted energy in my mind, body and emotions and transform that energy into feelings of lightness, ease, vibrancy and enthusiasm for life - all whilst sitting in a chair in her clinic or across the screen over Skype is something that will always be amazed by and truly grateful for!

 Where I feel Aliki's presence and work the most is how I now show up in this world, the space that I can hold for others and the positive influence I can have on other people's lives.   It has been an honour to work with Aliki and I look forward to continue to co-create with her in the future.

If any of the above resonates with you, I highly recommend Aliki's offerings and services. 

Warmest,  Ryan

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