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I turned to Aliki and her practices during a time where’s I felt that I was completely stagnant in my progress with my mental health.

Before Aliki, I had been seeing a psychologist for 6 months and doing more “conventional” therapy. While this type of therapy was a great start for me to talk about my issues, I still felt like I wasn’t able to make great leaps in my self development.

Aliki didn’t just offer me a space to vent about my issues, but a space to actually work through them and apply practical changes to both my thought patterns and also real life situations. Her approach is firm and she can be straight to the point if she thinks this is what you need, and honestly exactly what I needed to hear.

While conventional psychology danced around telling me what I needed to hear, Aliki pushed me to look inwards. Together, we faced my problems with a practical and transformative approach. I began to answer questions honestly - not only to her, but to myself.

Her approach through hypnosis and energy healing is something that I have found transformative and is something I recommend anyone to do if they are feeling stuck in negative or unhelpful thought patterns and are truly ready for a change.

Hypnosis pushes your mind to work through old thought patterns and create something new. It is not easy, and actually feels like a workout for your brain. But it is a reminder of how if we don’t challenge our minds and give them a “work out” we can easily fall into the habit of telling ourselves the same old sad story.

Aliki has helped me create a new story about how I see myself. She has helped me envision a confident woman who is creative, inquisitive, authentic and true to herself - and that vision has manifested itself into a real life version of me.

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