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In October 2012, Aliki did a reading for me on love and relationships. At that time I was doing online dating and got frustrated to not be able to meet the right one. I asked her about it, and that it was coming my way very soon, and also some details like, she can see a bridge and the guy is not totally Western nor Asian. I thought to myself "Really?" With doubt I listened and remembered what she said anyway.

I slowed down on dating and just want to make friends with guys now and on 15th December 2012, I was chatting to Phil online on one of the dating sites. We organised to meet on the 16th December, and hit it off that night in a relationship feeling very connected. He's half Asian and half Kiwi.

Later on Phil surprised me one weekend by driving us to Sydney where he was born proposed on the harbour bridge on the 12th January 2013. Suddenly I was shocked as to how accurate Aliki's reading was. Thanks Aliki.

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